Basic Refrigeration & Charging Procedures

Basic Refrigeration & Charging Procedures

Get the Charge Right!

This program provides the knowledge to accurately perform system installation, basic repair, and the information necessary to properly charge modern equipment.

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Instructor Resources
Contains PPT, IS
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Number of Slides: 53

Training Manual

Basic Refrigeration and Charging Procedures covers:

  • Refrigerant pressures
  • States and conditions
  • How they apply to the refrigeration system
  • Vapor pressures
  • Subcooling
  • Superheat
  • Saturation
  • Latent heat
  • Sensible heat
  • The refrigeration cycle

Basic system components, their functions and applications are included. Detailed explanations of each point in the refrigeration cycle will clarify questions the reader may have.


Interactive Training CD-ROM

This interactive CD is an excellent training tool that fully describes and explains the refrigeration cycle.

Instructor Resources

Instructor resource media includes:

  • PPT - PowerPoint that correlates directly with the training manual. Each slide within the presentation contains speaker notes that are designed to aid the instructor through the presentation and provide additional talking points.
  • IS - Instructional supplement with course objectives and lesson plans to keep the program on track.


The 50-question end-of-course Employment Ready certification covers: AC&R theory, AC&R systems and components, air supply and delivery, refrigeration AC troubleshooting, refrigeration systems and components, refrigeration theory and application, special refrigeration system components, system charging.