Ron Auvil

Ron Auvil has been in the HVAC Industry for 40 years. He has written a number of books for American Technical Publishers, including `HVAC and Refrigeration Systems', `IT Skills for HVAC Technicians', 'HVAC Control Systems', and `Indoor Air Quality Solutions for Stationary Engineers.' His books have been well received by the HVAC industry. In addition, Ron is developing and teaching online training classes for He still spends time in the classroom as the Training Director for Control Stop Training in Charlotte, NC. In this role, he provides HVAC and Control Systems Training to customers and distributors in the SE USA. In the past, he has served in several roles for major control's manufacturers as a project manager, senior troubleshooter, and regional training manager. He is a proud graduate of West Side Institute of Technology in Cleveland, Ohio. Ron has over 36 years of experience in the classroom in a wide variety of roles and has taught everything from basic electricity and refrigeration to steam plant licensing and HVAC Controls. Ron also has written multiple articles for the HVAC News and other publications. What he enjoys the most is spending time with technical staff on jobsites and training them to effectively install, service, and use their mechanical and control systems. Some of his clients include the University of Virginia, the Pentagon, The University of South Carolina, Georgia Tech, Gulfstream Aircraft, Boeing, NASA, and many others.

Ron  Auvil