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Student Outcome Assessments for High Schools

Secondary (high school) HVACR instructors need to validate if a student has the retained knowledge to move on to the next level, or if they need additional training. HVAC Excellence offers the tools needed to accomplish this through our Heating, Electrical, & Air Conditioning Technology (H.E.A.T.) and H.E.A.T. + student outcome assessments.



While your students are not yet technicians, and do not meet the requirements to sit for technician-level exams, HVAC Excellence offers the H.E.A.T. examination designed specifically for secondary students.

Heating, Electrical, Air Conditioning Technology (H.E.A.T.)

The Heating, Electrical, Air Conditioning Technology (H.E.A.T.) exam, is a 100-question, end of program high school student outcome assessment. It provides instructors with the information needed to evaluate the effectiveness of their training.

To accommodate geographical differences, two versions of this exam are available; one with an emphasis on gas heat and the other with an emphasis on oil heat. Both versions cover the same basic electricity and vapor-compression cycle competencies.

H.E.A.T. Exam Covers

  • Electrical theory
  • Electrical safety
  • Electrical components
  • Fundamentals of motors and capacitors
  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Interpreting electrical diagrams
  • Electrical meter usage
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration theory
  • Air conditioning systems and components
  • Air conditioning equipment service
  • Air conditioning troubleshooting
  • Refrigerant flow control theory and application
  • Heating systems and components
  • Combustion theory and heating fuels
  • Heating safety
  • Furnace installation and service
  • Furnace troubleshooting
  • Safety

Heating, Electrical, Air Conditioning Technology (H.E.A.T.) Plus

The Heating, Electrical, Air Conditioning Technology (H.E.A.T.) PLUS exams is a multi-exam package that includes: the 100-question H.E.A.T. exam, a 25-question core exam that covers; computer literacy, safety, related math, employability skills, work ethics, and a hands-on performance test. This exam provides a more well-rounded evaluation of training efficacy.

Certificate Issued

Students who successfully pass these exams are awarded a certificate of achievement.

Proctor Reports

Registered proctors can login to review candidate test results and access detailed statistical reports. These reports help instructors pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in their instruction.

Additional Credentials Available

Looking for additional credentials that go beyond the basics for high school students? HVAC Excellence Employment Ready Certifications, designed for post-secondary students, are discipline specific exams, that document a student’s readiness for employment in the HVACR industry. Additionally, HVAC Excellence Specialty Certifications are available to students, technicians and instructors.

More Exams Coming Soon

New student outcome assessment exams are under current development, and are expected to be released in the fall of 2019.

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Becoming a Proctor is Easy!

HVACR wholesalers, educators and trainers interested in proctoring exams should email their completed proctor application to customerservice@escogroup.org or fax it to 1-800-546-3726.

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Comparative Analysis Reports

Proctors can log in to review candidate test results and access detailed statistical reports.

Comparative Analysis Report