Section 609 EPA Certification

A/C Certification on the Move!

Section 609 of the Federal Clean Air Act requires technicians who service motor vehicle air conditioning "MVAC" systems to be certified.

Servicing motor vehicle air conditioning includes repairing, leak testing, and topping off of air conditioning systems low on refrigerant as well as any other repair to the vehicle which requires dismantling any part of the air conditioner.

The Section 609 Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning Exam is an open book test.

  • Required to service motor vehicle A/C systems
  • Required to purchase small containers (under 20lbs) of regulated refrigerants
  • Open book format
  • Chosen by Robinair, White and many other equipment manufacturers

Training Packet

The Section 609 EPA test packet contains the preparatory manual, open book exam, answer sheet, and return envelope test.

The training packet is available in English or Spanish.

Online Testing

Save time and take the test online! The 609 examination is an open book test that can be taken online for $20 with immediate results.

(Please note: the $20 fee is per attempt/exam. If you do not pass the exam, you will be required to pay the $20 fee again. Please be sure to download a PDF of the manual so you have it to reference while taking the exam.)

Download the free Study Guide Take the Exam Online


Persons who pass the open book exam are awarded a Wallet ID card and wall certificate upon completion.

A score of 84% correct (42 correct out of 50 questions) is required to pass the exam.