Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning EPA Section 609 Exam Packet

Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning EPA Section 609 Exam Packet

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Technicians who service motor vehicle air conditioners must be certified under Section 609 of the Federal Clean Air Act. Servicing motor vehicle air conditioning includes repairing, leak testing, and topping off air conditioning systems low on refrigerant as well as any other repairs to the vehicle which requires the dismantling of any part of the air conditioning system.

The EPA Section 609 Certification Exam is required to service motor vehicle air conditioning systems, and to purchase small containers (under 20lbs) of regulated refrigerants.

Online Testing

The quickest and easiest way to offer the open-book exam is online.A score of 42 correct out of 50 questions is required to pass the exam. Upon passing the exam, the student/technician receives their test results instantly.

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Training Packet

For those who need to utilize our paper testing option, a test packet is available. It contains the preparatory manual, 50-question, open-book exam, answer sheet, and return envelope.

The training packet is available in English or Spanish.