Say YES to BAS: Unlock the Potential of Your Light Commercial HVAC Program

Presented by:   Larry Chang    Robert Nirenberg   

Tuesday, March 26 from 2:15 PM until 3:30 PM, Napa CD

BAS or Building Automation Systems are a critical component of large commercial and industrial climate control systems. As the world focuses more and more on energy efficiency and reduction in operational costs, we're seeing them on progressively smaller systems, including light commercial applications. We need to prepare our students for the eventuality of interacting with these systems, and truth be told it isn't as hard--or as expensive--as you might think. For about $400 per unit in parts, you can introduce students to one of the least known sectors of our industry and start teaching them basic logic and programming, commissioning/checkout, and the fundamentals of how an electronic thermostat thinks. As a bonus, you can reinforce their understanding of sequence of operation, time delay functions and anti-cycle protections, and give them more hands-on time with relays. All of the above can even be accomplished with purely residential equipment and a little creative problem solving, so even if you don't have commercial equipment, you CAN teach BAS. As the first of its kind, the HPBOP credential is intended to validate the knowledge, skills, and competencies of building technicians, engineers, operators, and educators who support high-performance commercial buildings. Health, safety, comfort, occupant productivity, energy conservation, and building de-carbonization—these are among the high-performance goals which technicians help to achieve in their daily work. Here you’ll learn more about: • Specific knowledge and competencies that define the HPBOP • The credential’s potential value to building owners, facility managers and technicians • Applying for the certification including education and work experience prerequisites • The online written exam process • Curriculum guidance for educators to align their program learning outcomes towards the certification • The new website HPBOP.ORG