Welcome to the Green Mechanical Council

Green Mechanical Council

The Green Mechanical Council is an association of more than 300,000 individuals. Representing those who manufacture, design, build, install, maintain, and service the energy efficient and environmentally responsible mechanical systems built or retrofitted into today’s commercial, industrial, and residential structures.

Green Mechanical Systems will only remain energy efficient beyond the "design/build" phase if they are installed, maintained, and serviced by skilled mechanics and technicians that understand the vital role their knowledge and skill plays in keeping today’s mechanical systems "Green over Time". This new workforce must consist of persons who have been educated in properly accredited training and certification programs.

The Green Mechanical Council works with Career Technical Schools, Apprenticeship Training Programs, Technician Certification Programs, and Programmatic Accreditation Organizations to ensure that their training and certification in sustainable technologies is of the highest quality.

We are further committed to creating a greater awareness of what is green as well as sustainable within the general population.

The Green Mechanical Council is now a member of the ESCO Group further advancing the programs it can provide.