Creating Real-World Scenarios, in a Safe, Virtual Environment

ESCO Institute offers a number of online simulation and interactive 3D programs. Each stand-alone program is broken into modules, delivered one at a time, with each new section being unlocked as the previous section is completed. This feature ensures that the program is completed as intended.

Using narrated animations, trainees are introduced to a wide range of components, application, and associated terminology. 3D models of components and tools provide trainees with a valuable way to clearly visualize components and their use.

Within the simulation programs, each module consists of a mentor feature which guides the learner through each process. They say that practice makes perfect, but this is not necessarily true. If you don’t practice correctly, you cannot learn correctly. This feature makes certain that users practice correctly.

After the mentor section has been successfully completed, the program allows users to practice, and master, the procedure on their own. In both the 3D and simulation programs, there is a knowledge check at the end of each module. The knowledge check for each module must be completed before the next module can be unlocked.

Within the subscription period, users have the ability to go back and review any completed modules as many times as desired. A completion certificate and feedback section will open after the final quiz is completed. There is a leaderboard feature which allows users to post their scores publicly, if desired.

It is time to take your training to the next level. Simulation and 3D training brings real-world, critical thinking skills, to students in a format that makes learning fun and resonate.

Click on the buttons below to learn more about each program. Each program is available for individual purchase or bulk purchase for schools, training programs, RSES Chapters, etc.


Digital curriculum, immersive learning, streaming videos, and webinars.

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Free Demo - HVACR 3D

Free Demo - HVACR 3D

Light Commercial Systems Evacuation and Charging Procedures

Free Demo - HVACR 3D

Free Demo - eRealia Online

Review trade math, basic hydralics, electrical series, basic rigging, internal combustion engines, and scaffolding.