Residential Heat Load Analyst

Residential Heat Load Analyst

Improperly Sized? Probably!

Residential energy studies show that 72% of systems are improperly sized. Determining the proper heating and cooling load for a structure is one of the most important processes when installing a new HVAC system.

RHLCPPT2 Training PowerPoint

ISBN: 1-930044-34-8
Item #: RHLCSW

A system that is too large or small can greatly impact not only the building occupant’s comfort and health but also the energy consumption of the structure and equipment life.

Instructor Resources

This training program simplifies the task of teaching students and technicians Residential Heat Load Calculations.

The four main areas covered in the instructor PowerPoint include:

  • Introduction to building heat transfer
  • Building envelope analysis
  • Windows and doors
  • Heat gain and loss calculations

Student Workbook

The student workbook includes PowerPoint note pages and thorough worksheets so students can put their learning to work.


The 100-question Residential Heat Load Analyst Certification measures one's ability to properly determine the heating and cooling load of a structure, ensuring optimal system performance, less energy consumption, longer equipment life, and greater customer satisfaction.