The ESCO Institute

EPA Section 608 Certification

For working on stationary HVACR equipment

Section 608 of the Federal Clean Air Act requires that all persons who maintain, service, repair or dispose of appliances that contain ozone depleting refrigerants be certified in proper refrigerant handling techniques.

Preparatory Resources

To provide flexibility in training, ESCO offers both an elearning course, and a traditional training manual (also available in Spanish). Both cover the material required to successfully pass the Universal Exam. In addition, we offer practice exams accessible from any PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Instructor Resources

For those conducting formal training, a PowerPoint that includes speaker notes is available. Registered Proctors using ESCO Institute’s Section 608 EPA Certification Program can access the PowerPoint in the Resource Center when they login.

Taking the Exam

For information on a testing center near you, contact us at 800 726-9696. In addition, click here to learn about other options, which include how to take the exam from the safety of your home.

Administering the Exam

To accommodate the varying needs of testing facilities, the ESCO Institute offers options on how to administer the closed-book certification exam.

Online Testing: In-Person

Registered proctors can access the preparatory manual, PowerPoint, and P/T charts as needed. Exams are purchased with a purchase order, or credit card, and the credits are available immediately. As soon as the exam candidate has completed the closed-book, proctored exam, their test results will appear immediately. Upon passing the exam, the exam candidate can immediately print proof of certification, and the certification card is mailed the next business day. 

Online Testing: Remote

This is the same as in person online testing. However, the proctor meets with the test candidate using a secure business conferencing platform. To use this option, the candidate must have a computer or laptop with a web camera, and microphone (no tablets or phones). 

Online Testing: Third-Party

This option allows a registered proctor purchases online exam credits and assigns them to one of our approved third-party testing services. Remote testing services verify student identity, verify secure test conditions, monitor the exam candidate and computer screen, record the session, and seamlessly transfer results to your proctor portal. To use this option, the candidate must have a computer or laptop with a web camera, and microphone (no tablets or phones). 

Paper Testing

ESCO provides registered proctors affiliated with full-time HVACR educational courses, wholesalers and manufacturers with a proctor kit containing all testing materials at no charge. Exams are paid for when submitted for grading by including a purchase order, check, or credit card.