Electricity & Wiring Diagrams Training Package

The HVACR Troubleshooting Fundamentals: Electricity & Wiring Diagrams Training Package provides technicians with a basic foundation for learning how to use wiring diagrams and test equipment to troubleshoot HVACR electrical systems while providing the instructor/trainer with an arsenal of resources to teach the program!


Designed for HVACR students, apprentices, and technicians, this program can be effectively used in training programs with guidance from instructors and/or service managers to help technicians develop their troubleshooting skills.

What's Included in this Training Package

One (1) Student Textbook

One (1) Instructor Guide, print copy with answers to student workbook pages

One (1) Instructor Guide PowerPoint with answers to student workbook pages

One (1) PowerPoint: HVACR Troubleshooting Fundamentals: 15 Electrical Troubleshooting Scenarios

One (1) DVD/Video: Electrical Fundamentals for HVACR Technicians (Run Time: 120 Minutes)

One (1) DVD/Video: Proper Use of Test Instruments (Run Time: 60 Minutes)

One (1) bonus Facilitator’s Guide that will provide any instructor or trainer a detailed breakdown on utilizing all the resources in this package in a training program.