Connecting with the iManifold: Hands-On Certification Class

Presented by:   Jason Obrzut, CMHE    Carlos Urquidi    Eric Urrutia   

Tuesday, March 27 from 8:00 AM to 11:45 AM

Every day, technology is changing the way technicians perform their jobs. HVAC systems have become much more sophisticated over the years and, as such, so must the manner in which service personnel evaluate and troubleshoot them. Long gone are the days of a "beer can cold" suction line and overused and often abused rules of thumb. To better prepare the technicians of tomorrow, the students of today must be exposed to the hi-tech tools that they will be expected to use in the field upon entering the workforce. Two such pieces of hi-tech instrumentation that are fast becoming a popular choice for technicians are the iManifold and the iConnect. During this three and a half hour interactive and high-energy session, members of the North Park Innovations technical team will demonstrate the functionality and abilities of the iManifold and iConnect products, while providing valuable information on how instructors can seamlessly incorporate these technologies into their present curriculum. As part of this session, attendees will also be made aware of the various programs and certifications that have been developed specially for trade schools. Attendees will take a short written exam to become an iManifold Certified Trainer and gain access to special discounts on instrumentation and training equipment. Curious about what tomorrow's technicians will be using to evaluate and troubleshoot HVAC systems? Curious about how the technology works? Come join your fellow instructors at this interactive, hands-on session to get up close and personal with the iManifold, the iConnect and some of the members of North Park Innovation's technical team.