Commercial Calculations Light

Presented by:   Donald Prather   

Monday, March 26 from 10:00 AM to 11:45 AM

Ever wish you could find an easy to understand basic introductory course for commercial load calculations, equipment selection and duct design? Enlighten your students with Maria's Restaurant Technician's Guide and Workbook. The material includes all of the necessary steps for designing a commercial HVAC system for the typical strip mall application. Other strip mall retail (stores etc.) and services (e.g.s., hair salons, pet shops etc.) observe similar considerations. The four chapters in the Guide and Workbook are designed to cover the basics so the student can get an overview before digging into the details. Thus, unlike previous detail-oriented, full process courses on load calculation, equipment selection, and duct design, Maria's Restaurant is for those who want their students to understand the basics and why they are important. Each learning session ends with technical tips for the field to help engage older technicians who are skeptical about the value of understanding design principles.