Fluid Curriculum Design with Constantly Evolving Technologies and Standards

Presented by:   Robert Lopez   

Tuesday, March 26 from 2:15 PM until 3:30 PM, Sonoma B

Whether you are trying to put together a simple 2-6 hour class or a full curriculum that could span many weeks, your shelf-life may be suffering because the underlying HVAC technologies are rapidly changing. At the same time, measurement standards (SEER2 for example) have changed, new refrigerants are on the horizon, and amorphous plans designed to help our customers upgrade cost-effectively may be making your life challenging. In this session, we'll cover modular design as well as other tried-and-true methods to efficiently build training that does not have to "stand the test of time" because by the time you've built the class, it probably needs to change. We'll also cover evaluation strategies so you can know better when it's time to change.