Minimizing & Troubleshooting Fan System Effects

Presented by:   James Mathis   

Wednesday, March 27 from 10:15 AM until 11:30 AM, Sonoma C

Fans used to move air in industrial and commercial applications are tested and rated in a laboratory under set conditions — that is, a condition that may vary from the in-situ conditions. As anyone who has set foot on a building site can attest, however, the conditions under which fans are put into service seldom are—and often are far from— test conditions. The difference between how a fan performs installed in the field and how it performed when tested in a laboratory can be attributed to a phenomenon known as system effect. This presentation will explain causes of system effect and how to recognize and minimize system effect. Further, it will discuss how fans are tested and rated in accordance with ANSI/AMCA Standard 210/ASHRAE Standard 51, Laboratory Methods of Testing Fans for Certified Aerodynamic Performance Rating, and AMCA Publication 211, Certified Ratings Program Product Rating Manual for Fan Air Performance; describe how ductwork configuration is affected by the placement of inlet and outlet elbows; compare in-situ fan performance with published fan performance; and identify system-design issues impacting fan performance.