The Importance of Teaching Load Calculations and Duct Design

Presented by:   Russell King, ME   

Tuesday, March 26 from 7:00 AM until 8:15 AM, Napa A

Many schools want to teach residential HVAC design skills but end up focusing mostly on equipment installation and service skills. This is a lost opportunity. There are two basic types of comfort problems in homes: equipment related and design related. Even the most perfectly installed system will not perform well if it is not properly designed for the house and climate it is installed in. Load calculations, equipment selection and duct design (e.g., ACCA Manuals J, S, and D) are extremely useful skills for all installers and technicians to know, even if they never actually become designers. This class will cover the basics of the HVAC design process and explain how it can be used every day to diagnose and resolve comfort problems. New design and training software tools will be introduced and demonstrated.