Working Successfully with Administrators

Presented by:   Carter Stanfield   

Wednesday, March 27 from 10:15 AM until 11:30 AM, Napa B

Navigating the landscape of education necessitates a symbiotic partnership between educators and school administrators. The mutual success of both parties is interwoven, and a harmonious collaboration is key. Drawing from over four decades of teaching experience, this class offers valuable insights into fostering productive relationships with school administrators. Explore the art of comprehending and addressing administrators' needs, creating a foundation for smoother interactions and enhanced cooperation. With anecdotes and strategies accumulated from years in the classroom, the instructor shares methods for aligning your goals with the administrative vision, even in challenging situations. Learn to navigate diverse personalities, resolve conflicts, and foster a spirit of collaboration that ultimately elevates the educational environment for all stakeholders. Join us to uncover the secrets of successful teacher-administrator partnerships that transcend difficulties, enabling both sides to achieve shared objectives while enriching the educational journey.