Leveraging Remote Access Technology for HVAC Controls and Free BAS/DDC Emulation for Instruction

Presented by:   Harpartap Parmar    Jon Vietti   

Monday, March 25 from 2:15 PM until 3:30 PM, Napa CD

Participants will be introduced to the various products from Contemporary Controls that facilitate secure remote access to HVAC controllers using VPN and/or Cellular Routers. This facilitates remote monitoring, troubleshooting and programming. The latest in network security protocols will be highlighted. This presentation will utilize a combination of PowerPoint slides and live PC screen activity to give participants a good grasp of how to leverage the Contemporary Controls BAS Emulator. Combined with a series of Pre-Engineered BACnet/Sedona HVAC apps, it can facilitate a simple and low-cost HVAC/BAS controls training program using non-proprietary controllers and the Sedona Framework.