Combustion Analysis and Troubleshooting

Presented by:   Tyler Nelson   

Tuesday, March 26 from 4:00 PM until 5:15 PM, Sonoma C

From novices to seasoned professionals, this combustion presentation offers valuable insights. Going beyond the standard O2, CO, and CO2 analysis, I'll illuminate the significance of these readings and guide attendees in their interpretation and practical application. Discover how analyzers transcend mere data collection, serving as integral tools in commissioning, diagnostics, and maintenance processes. Safety takes center stage, addressing carbon monoxide (CO) risks and demonstrating how an analyzer doubles as a personal CO monitor. Efficiency measurement methods will be detailed, crucial in today's eco-conscious climate where optimal fuel-fired equipment performance is paramount. Additionally, topics encompass venting verification, a cracked heat exchanger test procedure, and precise gas pressure assessment. By the presentation's end, attendees will grasp combustion principles, adeptly navigate analyzer usage, and glean insights into monetizing this skill. Join me in this enlightening journey towards mastery in combustion analysis and its multifaceted applications.