A Duct Up Situation

Presented by:   Sam Myers    Eric Kaiser   

Tuesday, March 26 from 10:30 AM until 11:45 AM, Sonoma B

Unveil the hidden complexities of duct systems in this immersive course designed to empower HVAC professionals and enthusiasts alike. Duct systems often harbor a range of issues that compromise home comfort, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality (IAQ). From oversized systems paired with undersized ducts to poor flex duct installations and air leakage, this course addresses the culprits behind these issues and equips participants with practical solutions. Through a combination of theoretical insights and hands-on exercises, participants will gain an in-depth understanding of common duct system challenges and effective remedies. This comprehensive course places a mock-up duct system connected to a calibrated fan at the center of learning, allowing participants to explore real-world scenarios in a controlled environment. Key Learning Objectives: Duct System Diagnostics: Learn how to identify and evaluate common problems within duct systems, including improper sizing, suboptimal configurations, and air leakage, all of which contribute to compromised indoor comfort and energy waste. Hands-On Simulations: Engage with practical exercises involving the mock-up duct system, replicating various duct issues to gain firsthand experience in diagnosing problems and planning effective solutions. Optimization Techniques: Discover strategies for rectifying identified issues, from resizing ducts and eliminating unnecessary bends to optimizing flex duct setups and sealing air leaks. Precision Diagnosis with Static Testing: Delve into the world of static testing along the airflow route, utilizing modern tools and techniques to precisely pinpoint problem areas and validate improvements. Drawing Creation and Documentation: Acquire the skills needed to create accurate drawings and documentation of duct system modifications, facilitating clear communication and streamlined execution.