The Art of Unteaching

Presented by:   Alex Meaney   

Monday, March 25 from 2:15 PM until 3:30 PM, Napa B

Teaching is hard. Duh. But teaching is the easiest part of teaching. Huh? Well in a lot of cases, the process looks like this: 1. Someone doesn't know a thing. 2. You explain that thing, 3. If you're good, you reinforce that thing, apply it in different ways, etc... But what happens when step 1 looks different? 1. Someone thinks they already "KNOW" a thing. 2. You explain to them why they're wrong and this other thing is right. 3. You're butting heads and getting nowhere. 4. Back to step 1. The art of unteaching is about how to break that cycle. Part science, part trickery, part touchy-feely nonsense, all effective. 500 square feet per ton? 12,000 btus per ton? Humidity is heavy? Beer can cold? Every 6-inch duct holds 110 cfm? There are a lot of bits of bad information we need to dig out in the HVAC industry. This presentation is meant to help you do that.