Programmatic Accreditation and Industry Standards

Presented by:   Jay Mullis    Dennis Soukup   

Tuesday, March 26 from 6:00 AM until 6:45 AM, Napa A

In today's competitive job market, the quality of education and training programs holds paramount significance. This class focuses on the significance of programmatic accreditation as an independent, non-governmental validation process that assesses educational programs against industry-defined standards. By exploring the principles and practices of programmatic accreditation, students gain insights into how these standards contribute to producing a competent and job-ready workforce. The Programmatic Accreditation and Industry Standards class offers a comprehensive understanding of the importance of third-party programmatic accreditation in the educational sector. This course delves into the process of programmatic accreditation and its alignment with industry standards, ensuring that educational programs adhere to established benchmarks of excellence.