HVAC Excellence

HVAC Excellence Conference

Brilliant Content

In‐depth sessions that offer practical ways to improve your training while gaining knowledge.

Keeping Current

As technologies continually change, instructors often are asked to train others on equipment they themselves never encountered when they were in the field. Equally important, instructors are now trying to adapt to teaching hybrid programs.

Great Presenters

Get the information from the source, learn what you and those you train need to know.


Meet with exhibiting companies, that support HVACR education, who can assist you in building a world class program.


Converse with other like‐minded instructors who share similar jobs to exchange ideas. For those attending only the online portion of the event, several round‐table discussions are offered to help you connect.


The venue provides one of the most easily accessible, and affordable locations, making it easy for all to participate.

Continued Learning

Once the face‐to‐face portion concludes, additional training sessions are offered online.

Essential Industry

When the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, much of the United States went on some form of lock down. However, the HVACR workforce was declared essential, and was at the center of nearly every topic making news headlines. This includes but is not limited to indoor air quality, vaccine distribution/storage, and virus containment. Let us not forget, of course, the role HVACR plays in keeping the data centers running, which allow for online schooling, meetings, and the internet to function. These are among the many reasons that those who teach these technologies, need professional development to keep the training they offer current for our safety.