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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

3:15 P.M. - 4:45 P.M.

CEU Value 0.2

Women in HVACR

Presented by: Phyllis Barthel of El Camino College

Location: Symposium

This session will provide insight into the changing role of women in the HVACR industry. Topics for this eye-

opening breakout include engaging women at an early age, addressing the myths, breaking the barriers, and

clarifying misconceptions about women in HVACR.

Mediciones de Flujo de Aire (Spanish Course)

Presented by: Frank Diaz of Robert Morgan Education Center

Location: Forum East 4

Esta sesión, con demostraciones en vivo, discutira una amplia gama de técnicas de medición de flujo de aire.

Como parte de esta sesión, vamos a demostrar por qué ciertas herramientas funcionan mejor que otras para

ciertas aplicaciones.

Giving Students What They Want

Presented by: Dr. Michael Lanoutte

Location: Forum West 1 & 2

Students, faculty and researchers are still trying to figure out exactly what students want. This presentation

explores the layers of items of what students want and what they think they want to better build an

educational bridge for students to ultimately reach their goals.