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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

3:15 P.M. - 4:45 P.M.

CEU Value 0.2

Educator Credentialing Exams

Presented by: HVAC Excellence Team

Location: Legacy North 1

To help attendees identify if they have the retained knowledge to effectively teach a subject or if they need

professional development, educator credentialing exams will be offered free of charge.

Predictive Balancing Method to Balance HVAC Systems

Presented by: Robert Moss of Dwyer Instruments

Location: Legacy North 2

Predictive Balancing simplifies the Proportional Balancing method, taking the guesswork out of setting

dampers by determining the optimal flow rate for each terminal and reducing the number of steps required to

balance an HVAC system. An explanation of the method and field test results will be presented.

Shining a Light on Integrated Circuits and Circuit Boards

Presented by: Jason Obrzut, CMHE, of HVAC Technical Institute

Location: Legacy South 1

This session will be presented assuming no prior knowledge of circuit boards and will start with an overview

of all of the components of an IFC, how they function, and why they are used. It will culminate with a step by

step walk through of a call for heat on an IFC. Attendees will participate as we design a circuit board and

walk it through its functions. We will also touch on flame rectification.

The Possibilities of PowerPoint: Animation and Beyond

Presented by: Irene Wirz of Refrigeration Training Services

Location: Legacy South 2

This more advanced PowerPoint session will demonstrate some of the obscure tips, tricks, and shortcuts that

can be used to create exciting animated presentations. Topics include working with pictures, master slides,

points, animation sequencing, motion paths and customizing the tool bar. A comfortable understanding of

PowerPoint is recommended.