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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

10:15 A.M. - 11:45 A.M.

CEU Value 0.2

Teaching the 4th R

Presented by: Dick Wirz of Refrigeration Training Services LLC

Location: Legacy North 1

Sure Reading, Riting, and Rithmatic are important, but Refrigeration is the next step for aspiring HVAC

students and techs. Not only does it help them better understand A/C, but it opens up numerous possibilities

for personal advancement and increased business for their companies. As instructors, we should learn more

about all aspects of HVACR and make it available to our students.

Airflow Measurements

Presented by: Bill Spohn of TruTech Tools, Ltd.

Location: Legacy North 2

This live-demonstration session will discuss and showcase a wide array of airflow measurement techniques.

As part of this session, we will show why certain tools work better than others for certain applications.

Shining a Light on Integrated Circuits and Circuit Boards

Presented by: Jason Obrzut, CMHE, of HVAC Technical Institute

Location: Legacy South 1

This session will be presented assuming no prior knowledge of circuit boards and will start with an overview

of all of the components of an IFC, how they function, and why they are used. It will culminate with a step by

step walk through of a call for heat on an IFC. Attendees will participate as we design a circuit board and

walk it through its functions. We will also touch on flame rectification.

Instructional Technology - Good or Evil?

Presented by: Dr. Chris Molnar of Porter and Chester Institute

Location: Legacy South 2

A look at classroom technology including tablets, laptops, eBooks, simulators, and other instructional

resources from someone who has been there and done that. We will look at the positives and negatives

including real world examples.