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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

8:30 A.M. - 10:00 A.M.

CEU Value 0.2

What's Air Conditioning Without Air and Proper Tools?

Presented by: Greg Jourdan of Wenatchee Valley College

Location: Legacy South 2

In order to be an air conditioning expert, one must first become an expert on air and its properties. This

session will cover some time-tested methods, utilizing modern test tools, for effectively conveying the

concepts of air quality, properties and air testing. Attendees will have hands on experiment testing for CO2,

CO, PPM's of air Particles, Air Speed, CFM, RH, and Temperature. This session will be fun, interactive, and

will appeal to instructors at all levels in their teaching careers.

Personalization and Inquiry-Based Instruction for Use in Your Classroom and Lab

Presented by: Butch Azbell of J. M. Tawes Technology & Career Center

Location: Legacy South 3

This high-energy, hands-on session will discuss how to incorporate inquiry-based lessons and activities into

your program to supplement and, in some cases, replace traditional classroom lectures.

Let's Start Off on the Right Foot

Presented by: Don Fort of LG Electronics

Location: Symposium

The continued satisfactory operation of a ductless split system is greatly affected by the quality of the

installation and start-up procedures. This session will concentrate on the industry's best practices for the

successful start-up of ductless split air conditioning equipment.

See the Heat!

Presented by: Joshua Bondele of Flir Systems

Location: Forum East 4

As you inspect a structure, how do you know what problems are lurking behind walls and under floors? A

thermal imaging camera shows HVAC breakdowns immediately and safely, so you can get in and fix them

fast. Find out how "seeing the heat" can improve the quality of system installations and speed the

troubleshooting process!

Training On Fire: Creating Contagious Learning

Presented by: Martin Easley of Valley College

Location: Forum West 1 & 2 (66)

This session will equip the trainer with a new outlook and focus to instruct and train with passion. Make your

training contagious for the learner. Bring the classroom to life by invoking a fire and passion within the

learner in order to make the average instructional day superior! Make your efforts shine!