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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

10:15 A.M. - 11:45 A.M.

CEU Value 0.2

Building Infiltration Affects Load Calculations

Presented by: Frank Spevak of the Energy Conservatory

Location: Legacy South 3

New building codes include provisions for the testing and sealing of the building envelope. In this session,

attendees will learn about building infiltration, what equipment is needed to properly determine infiltration

rates, what the results mean and how to incorporate this important material into your classroom.

The Future of HVACR Tools

Presented by: Tony Gonzalez of Fieldpiece Instruments

Location: Symposium

The future of HVACR tool instrumentation and field testing procedures will be covered. Discussions of how

new technology and field tool innovations are improving upon current field testing procedures.

Growing Your Program

Presented by: Scott Nail of Upper Valley Career Center

Location: Forum East 4

Advisory committees are required for all career-technical programs. This session will discuss how educators

can maximize the benefits realized from their committees and industry partners to ensure the success of their

students, program and institution. Participants will also learn about the U.S. Department of Education

accelerated movement towards more quality apprenticeships.

How to Teach Ladder Diagrams

Presented by: Raul Lopez of St. Phillips College

Location: Forum West 1&2

Interpreting ladder diagrams is essential to the success of the HVAC Technician. Instructors must be able to

teach HVAC students how to design ladder diagrams with the understanding of concept and application.

Electrical troubleshooting and electrical testing will be explained with the use of ladder diagrams.