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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

8:30 A.M. - 10:00 A.M.

CEU Value 0.2

Building Infiltration Affects Load Calculations

Presented by: Frank Spevak of the Energy Conservatory

Location: Legacy South 3

New building codes include provisions for the testing and sealing of the building envelope. In this session,

attendees will learn about building infiltration, what equipment is needed to properly determine infiltration

rates, what the results mean and how to incorporate this important material into your classroom.

What New Regulations Mean For Refrigerant Choices

Presented by: Dr. Brett Van Horn of Arkema Inc.

Location: Symposium

Environmental regulations on ozone depleting refrigerants or refrigerants with high global warming potential

(GWP), (I.E. EPA SNAP de-listings), is bringing change to the HVAC&R industry. This session will help

explain these regulations and how they may impact the refrigerants that contractors and technicians will work

with in the field.

See the Heat!

Presented by: Joshua Bondele of Flir Systems

Location: Forum East 4

As you inspect a structure, how do you know what problems are lurking behind walls and under floors? A

thermal imaging camera shows HVAC breakdowns immediately and safely, so you can get in and fix them

fast. Find out how "seeing the heat" can improve the quality of system installations and speed up the

troubleshooting process!

Duct Design Basics

Presented by: Donald Prather of ACCA

Location: Forum West 1 & 2

This session will present information on the design of low pressure duct systems. The course training material

is available to instructors for free on the ACCA website. It covers the Friction chart, the duct slide rule, and

how to properly complete the Speedsheet for Manual D, Residential Duct Systems.