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Monday, March 27, 2017

3:15 P.M. - 4:45 P.M.

CEU Value 0.2

Teaching Math for HVACR

Presented by: Gary Xavier of Goodheart-Wilcox Publishers

Location: Legacy South 2

Understanding math is a critical necessity for HVACR technicians, and a difficult topic to teach. Our reliance

on calculators and electronic instrumentation has led to a lack of understanding of the basic concepts

involved in measurement and calculation. This session will explore various techniques that can be used to

enhance a student's ability to work with math problems encountered in the field, without overwhelming them!

The Future of HVACR Tools

Presented by: Tony Gonzalez of Fieldpiece Instruments

Location: Symposium

The future of HVACR tool instrumentation and field testing procedures will be covered. Discussions of how

new technology and field tool innovations are improving upon current field testing procedures.

AC/ Refrigeración Sistema de Recuperación y Evacuación (Spanish Course)

Presented by: Garth Jax of Appion

Location: Forum East 4

Aprender técnicas que aceleran drásticamente los procedimientos de recuperación y de servicios de

evacuación para reducir las rellamadas, al tiempo que aumenta los beneficios y la satisfacción del cliente.

Obtener información acerca de la última tecnología innovadora en medidores de vacío y presión con la

medición de la temperatura y la forma de utilizarlos para eliminar la necesidad de colectores viejos

anticuados y mangueras.

Mini-Split Systems - The Basics

Presented by: Tom Grunstra of Fujitsu

Location: Forum West 1 & 2

Quality branded, high efficiency mini-spilt systems can be simple to install, provide excellent comfort with long

-term energy savings, but only if they are properly applied to the loads and installed correctly! This session

covers the fundamentals of a quality mini-split installation by following the manufacturer's installation

instructions, basic principles of refrigeration and good electrical wiring practices.