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Monday, March 27, 2017

1:30 P.M. - 3:00 P.M.

CEU Value 0.2

Connecting with Millennials Through Technology

Presented by: Richard Benkowski of the United Association

Location: Legacy North 1

Blended learning no longer satisfies the fast-paced, head-turning, rapid-eye-moving futuristic learning process

required to engage and retain today's best and brightest applicants to our programs. Education is not like an

assembly line or manufacturing facility and no one believes that one must have a fast food model in our

approach. Set the stage to energize your students to engage and learn. What triggers learning? This

session provides the solution! This session will cover some interactive, "millennial-friendly" technologies and

methods that can be easily integrated into your delivery to strengthen the bonds among you, your students

and the material.

Troubleshooting Variable Air Volume Systems

Presented by: Ron Auvil of American Technical Publishers

Location: Legacy North 2

Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems are the most common type of mechanical system used in large

commercial buildings today. HVAC Technicians must be familiar with troubleshooting tools and techniques for

these systems. This seminar will utilize hands-on simulations to show the most common troubleshooting

techniques and scenarios.

Hands-on Approach to Psychrometrics

Presented by: Skip Krepcik “CMS” of Tidewater Community College

Location: Legacy South 1

When does 400 cfm equal one ton of refrigeration load? Almost never! Are you interested in a slightly deeper

dive into psychrometrics? I’ll bring the charts, rulers, right angles and pencils. You bring a calculator (Texas TI

-30Xa is preferred) and intellectual curiosity. Together, we will create solution schematics to find optimum

supply state points, cooling refrigeration loads and blower airflow rates.

Adding Simulations to Your Classroom

Presented by: Vanessa Myers, Craig Carter, Joe Pliss, Scott Chrysler of Cengage Learning

CollegeLocation: Legacy South 2

This session will demonstrate how to incorporate simulations into your program as we walk-through the

Delmar Online Training Simulation: HVAC 3.0 solution. Hear first hand stories of how one program achieved

success with simulations, saved money, minimized injuries, better assessed students' skills and developed

better-prepared technicians in this valuable session.