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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

2:45 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.


EU Value 0.2

Technician's Guide & Workbook for Quality Installations

Donald Prather, ACCA


Classroom 2

This session introduces the new Technician's Guide & Workbook for Quality Installations covering the basic

installation, testing, and documentation requirements found in ANSI/ACCA 5 QI-2015 HVAC Quality

Installation Specification. This third generation update has 2/3 more illustrations and contains numerous test

your knowledge study questions and recommended hands on field or lab exercises. Power point

presentations designed to support the Guide & Workbook training will be made available along with a

curriculum and course outline, a sample test, and instructor answer sheets for the study questions. The

Guide & Workbook was developed by HVAC contractors to be part of a larger HVAC basics training program.

It contains the information young technicians need to succeed. Additionally, ACCA developed a 6 hour video

series, and a 50 question on line certification test on the material covered that is recognized for continuing

education credits by BPI, ESCO, NATE, RESNET, and RSES.

Advances in Wi-Fi and Cloud Technologies

Tim Burke, White Rodgers


Classroom 3

This session will cover the newest innovations and changes in Wi-Fi and Cloud Technologies and their impact

on the HVAC industry. Attendees will gain a better appreciation of the InT (Internet of Things) and how this

applies to new applications in the HVAC industry that students and teachers need to be cognizant of.

Educator Credentialing Exams

Lem Palmer, HVAC Excellence


Classroom 4

To help attendees identify if they have the retained knowledge to effectively teach a subject or if they need

professional development, educator credentialing exams will be offered free of charge. The areas of

certification available include: air conditioning, light commercial refrigeration, gas heat, heat pumps,

electrical, light commercial air conditioning, electric heat, oil heat and the capstone which covers educational

methodologies. There is no CEU value for this session.

Launching a Blended Learning Curriculum

Lou Vendrell, Lincoln Technical Institute


Classroom 5

While the terminology of blended learning, hybrid program or online learning may vary, HVACR programs are

rapidly moving elements of their programs online. This session will cover the steps needed to launch an

effective blended program that begins with submitting regulatory documents and end swith setting up a lab

for effective hands on. This session will cover the different tools that can be used in order to enhance the

student experience with an on line program.