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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

9:45 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.

CEU Value 0.2

ACCA Manual S: The S Doesn’t Stand for Secret

Ed Janowiak, Eastern Heating and Cooling Council


Classroom 5

Manual S, like the HVAC industry, has grown in the last decade. The newest version released in the last

quarter of 2014 is very much the same as the previous version, but also very different. If you have no idea

what ACCA’s Manual S is we'll fill you in, if you want the skinny on the updates, that’s included as well. 400

CFM is not always the required high efficiency CFM.

Collaborating with Utilities for Higher Standards

Anne Marie Blankenship, Southern California Edison


Classroom 6

Studies show that: 72% of residential systems are oversized, 68% are improperly charged, 70% have

improper air flow and 91% have not had a combustion efficiency check performed. Do you know how the

electrical grid works or how the HVACR industry impacts it? Learn how educators and utilities together can

collaborate to create a stronger HVACR workforce that improves energy efficiency, and improves HVACR

system performance. Be prepared to engage in the conversation as this session will be conducted in a town

hall format to engage all participants.