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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

CEU Value 0.2

Pumped Refrigerant EconoPhase Economizer for Data Centers

Steve Wagner, Emerson Network Power/Liebert


Classroom 3

The new technologies of Pumped Refrigerant Economizer with digital scroll compressor and electronic

expansion valves may be new to you. However, at the end of this session, you will understand how the

Pumped Refrigerant Economizer along with digital scroll compressors are used to reduce the power

consumption within a Data Center. While everyone understands how standard compressors are used to move

refrigerant throughout a system, now you will know about the efficient way of using a fluid pump and bypass

the compressor to achieve the same conditions at a much lower operating cost.

Live Work Orders in the HVAC Program are They Worth the Risk?

Andrew Erbach, Elgin Community College and Eugene Silberstein, ESCO Group


Classroom 4

This presentation will focus on issues related to permitting students to work on non school equipment. These

"live work orders" may range from bringing a window unit or a PTAC from home to work on as a student

project, to an instructor taking students on a service call. Each institution operates under different

administrative procedures and policies. This presentation will include an open discussion period regarding

issues to be considered when deciding whether or not to permit live work orders.

Taking a System Approach to Compressor Troubleshooting

Jamie Kitchen, Danfoss


Classroom 5

This session will focus on the benefits of taking a broader perspective when trouble shooting compressors

that when done correctly, can reveal otherwise hidden issues that can affect compressor performance and

longevity. The goal is to avoid the trap of feeling the need to blindly 'replace or adjust' without first finding

out what went wrong and how to ensure it does not happen again.

Launching a Blended Learning Curriculum

Lou Vendrell, Lincoln Technical Institute


Classroom 6

While the terminology of blended learning, hybrid program or online learning may vary, HVACR programs are

rapidly moving elements of their programs online. This session will cover the steps needed to launch an

effective blended program that begins with submitting regulatory documents and ends with setting up a lab

for effective hands on. This session will cover the different tools that can be used in order to enhance the

student experience with an online program.