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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

CEU Value 0.2

Optimizing HVACR Industry Support in Local Educational Programs

Dave Negrey


Classroom 1

Dave Negrey has over 40 years of experience with Johnson Controls and affiliated brands. He will share his

knowledge of the best practices for getting local involvement and factory brand distribution support in

HVACR educational programs. This session will include ideas for soliciting advisory council support, factory

brand training curriculum and other technical resources which are available.

ACCA Manual S: The S Doesn’t Stand for Secret

Ed Janowiak, Eastern Heating and Cooling Council


Classroom 3

Manual S, like the HVAC industry, has grown in the last decade. The newest version released in the last

quarter of 2014 is very much the same as the previous version, but also very different. If you have no idea

what ACCA’s Manual S is we'll fill you in, if you want the skinny on the updates, that’s included as well. 400

CFM is not always the required high efficiency CFM.

Integrating Online Learning Technology Into Your Classroom

Christian Meyer, Goodheart-Wilcox Publishers


Classroom 4

Engage your students with online learning! Explore your options to integrate online learning technology with

HVAC-R training. There are many degrees of integration; this session will help you narrow in on the best

course of action for your program. Topics presented will include the use of multimedia, providing

assessments, course design, controlled learning environment, technical support, course communication tools,

course customization, and grade book management. Learn the five stages of implementation and how to

easily add online learning in multiple phases to your program. See a live demonstration showing the unique

features of G-W Online for Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and how you can use these practical

tools in your HVAC-R training.

Improving your Advisory Committee

Tony Trapp and Scott Naill, Upper Valley Career Center


Classroom 5

HVACR educational programs are required to hold advisory meetings. How can educators maximize use of

these meetings to further elevate success of students, schools, and business partners? This session will

provide a template for committee makeup and engagement with work-based learning strategies to turn

routine, required meetings into an exciting arena that contributes to career-tech improvement. Participants

will also learn about the U.S. Department of Education accelerated movement towards more quality

apprenticeships and how to be more involved in this new branding of "college completion without debt."