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Monday, March 21, 2016

1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

CEU Value 0.2

How to Teach Ladder Diagrams

Raul Lopez, St. Phillips College


Classroom 1

Instructors must be able to teach their students how to design ladder diagrams with the understanding of

concept and application. The concept of ladder diagrams, electrical troubleshooting and electrical testing will

be explained in this session.

27 Rules of Written Exam Development

Tom Meyer, ESCO Group


Classroom 2

Badly crafted test items confuse and frustrate examinees resulting in scores of dubious value. Don't make

taking the test itself the test. Flawed test items result from violation of one or more of 27 standard item

writing principles. (Based on Thomas Haladyna's Developing and Validating Multiple Choice Test Items.)


Jeff Taylor,


Classroom 3

"Houston we have a problem!" The IEC code requires all A/C systems over 54,000 BTUs have an

economizer, yet the savings is not being realized in more than 70% of the installations. Learn how to

empower your students with the ability to maximize economizer savings through proper Installation,

Maintenance and Service.

Grounding Your Students in Electricity

Richard and Irene Wirz, Refrigeration Training Services


Classroom 4

Teaching HVACR electricity can be difficult for instructors and bewildering for students. This session will show

how you can make it both fun and meaningful. Attendees will see how animated PowerPoints and photos can

be used to make electrical diagrams and troubleshooting easy to understand and relevant to what students

will see on the job.

The Sounds of Motivation

Dr. Michael Lanoutte, Southern Technical College


Classroom 5

The Sounds of Motivation addresses one of the greatest challenges faced by instructors: motivating students.

This session is a culmination of formal and informal best practices for instructors to use to motivate students

as well as motivate themselves and can be used by education managers to help motivate their instructors.

The goal of the presentation is to give participants practical sets of examples in a variety of delivery methods

which can be used regardless of the educational level and course topic to increase learner and instructor

motivation. Attendees should be ready to interact and motivate students like they never have before.