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Monday, March 21, 2016

10:15 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.

CEU Value 0.2

Retention Versus Instructors

Dr. Timothy Muckey, El Camino Community College


Classroom 3

Student Retention is the sole responsibility of an instructor and the fact is instructor behavior, mannerisms,

character, speech, attitude and other personal traits affect student retention more than any other single

element. Have you wondered why some instructors seldom lose students while others can hardly keep them?

This class is for you. Recent research and statistics will be revealed, but the focus of the presentation will be

on the key element of all programs - The Instructor. Learn how to keep your students once you get them!

Grounding Your Students in Electricity

Richard and Irene Wirz, Refrigeration Training Services


Classroom 4

Teaching HVACR electricity can be difficult for instructors and bewildering for students. This session will show

how you can make it both fun and meaningful. Attendees will see how animated PowerPoints and photos can

be used to make electrical diagrams and troubleshooting easy to understand and relevant to what students

will see on the job.

Evolving Compressor Electronics Technology

Bob Feathers, Emerson Climate Technologies


Classroom 5

Electronic modules are becoming the norm. Today’s technician must have a competent working

understanding of how these devices assist in troubleshooting the compressor and HVACR systems. In this

presentation we will review how the compressor is used as a sensor to help the technician be more efficient

at his or her job. The attendees will be able to share this information with students and apprentices to have

an understanding of the benefits of electronics for our industry. This session will review Comfort and

Performance Alert modules and the early versions of Intelligent Store Discus. CoreSense Protection and

Diagnostics will be covered so that the technician can understand the fault codes and troubleshoot the


Industrial Refrigeration: Opportunities, Jobs and Associations

Greg Jourdan, Wenatchee Valley College


Classroom 6

This session will describe industrial refrigeration job markets, and how instructors can connect jobs with

students. Topics will include industrial refrigeration systems, halocarbon vs. ammonia, flooded, pumped

systems, two stage, and cascade. It will also identify associations to link educational resources with

instructors and student opportunities.