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2015 HVAC Excellence Educators and Trainers Conference

Monday, March 16, 2015

10:15 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.

CEU Value 0.2

It’s Not Your Father’s Air Conditioner Anymore

Victor Handel, Curriculum Manager, LG Electronics

Legacy South 2

In this session attendees will learn that modern inverter driven, electronically controlled and

monitored systems require a modern set of troubleshooting tools. Some of the topics covered

will include: Component overview – just what has changed since the advent of inverter drives,

transducers that monitor system pressures, NTC Thermistors that monitor pipe and air

temperatures, and control data that is passed through what used to be 24V T-Stat wires. Use of

troubleshooting software that tracks, records and even controls inverter driven air conditioning

systems. Attendees will learn how to teach students to interpret ALL the inputs being monitored

from a lap top connected to an operating inverter driven air conditioning system.

Diagnosing IAQ Problems in Commercial Buildings

Ron Auvil, Director, Control Stop Institute & Author of HVAC Control Systems

Legacy South 3

This session will help attendees understand how to diagnose Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems

in commercial buildings. The following topics will be discussed: IAQ standards in commercial

buildings, how to teach commercial building IAQ standards in the classroom, typical IAQ

pollutants and sources, calculations for OA percentages at air handling units, instruments used

in IAQ determination, and typical troubleshooting scenarios for IAQ problems in commercial

buildings. Attendees of the session will use diagnostic equipment provided by Fluke Corporation

to solve typical scenarios.

Motor Mastery University

Daryl Roberson, Regional Sales Manager, Regal Beloit

Legacy South 1

Are you interested in teaching electric motors, terminology and understanding the replacement

market better? This session will cover: basic HVAC/R Electric Motors and the 12 characteristics:

enclosure, frame size, type (PSC, shaded pole, etc.), voltage, horsepower, capacitor, RPM,

temperature, number of speeds, rotation, shaft and mounting needed to identify and select a

proper replacement motor. Each one of the 12 characteristics will be reviewed and explained

then related back to how to find a proper replacement motor. Attendees will learn about: basic

principles, motor construction, AC induction motors, selecting the proper motor, motor

replacement and more.

Components and Accessories for the Installation of Mini-Split Air Conditioners

Gerry Spanger, Director of Sales, Rectorseal

Forum East 4

Mini-split ductless air conditioning systems are growing at an unprecedented rate in the United

States. As their market share continues to grow, it is essential that they are part of HVAC

educational programs. This session will provide an overview of components and accessories

available for the installation of mini-split air conditioners. The focus of this session will be an in-

depth overview of condensate control requirements and methodology for mini-split air

conditioners. Topics will include: gravity drainage; pumped drainage and overflow switches

(which are required by code).