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2015 HVAC Excellence Educators and Trainers Conference

6:15 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

CEU Value 0.1

Teaching Self Value and Setting Fire to Creativity

Jesse Homenuik, Research and Development Assistant, Cliplight Manufacturing

Paul Appler, Director of Research and Development, Cliplight Manufacturing

Legacy South 3

There is a great demand for confident, energetic and creative individuals, skilled in the trades to

meet the technological demands of today's rapidly changing world. Cultivating a teaching

culture which focuses on encouraging and promoting individual value within a team's

community is vital in today's work force. If we can provide the proper atmosphere,

understanding and conditions, administrators, teachers and mentors can guide willing

individuals to unlocking these natural resources. This session will cover how to establish a

starting point which is relevant to all basic human needs. On this groundwork, a discourse will

be made on the internal and external influences which shape the individual. They will identify

human diversity, its value and execute a thought process to best accommodate growth of an


Teaching Safety

Nick Strickland, Inventor of the Juglugger Refrigerant Strap

Legacy South 1

Falls are the leading cause of death in construction and every year, falls from ladders make up

nearly a third of those deaths. These deaths are preventable! This class will begin with a

testimonial by Tom Tebbe, Executive Board Member-ESCO Group, about safety in general,

proper documentation. After the stage is set, Mr. Strickland will conduct a comprehensive

ladder safety class with all the crucial Do's & Don'ts to follow. Attendees will be given a list of

suggested safety topics for typical HVACR programs. The program will conclude with

instructions for properly documenting safety taught and how documentation becomes an

important part of meeting HVACR Programmatic Accreditation.

Integrating Educational Technology into Your Classroom

Christian Meyer, National eLearning Consultant, Goodheart-Willcox Publishers

Forum West 1 & 2

What is a blended learning program and how do I implement one? This session will cover: the

use of multimedia, course design, testing, technical support, communication tools, customizing,

gradebook management, how much online learning is right for your particular circumstance, the

benefits and possible pitfalls of online learning integration, how to implement in multiple

phases, case studies, benefits and challenges. Live demonstrations will introduce the audience

to the features of online programs and the many resources that can be used. Learn about what

resources are available out there to aid in your online learning implementation.

The Future of Refrigerants - What Happens to 400 Series Blends?

Dr. Charles Algood, Technology Leader, DuPont

Timothy Snyder, Marketing Manager, ISCEON at DuPont

Forum East 4

This session will cover regulatory initiatives around 400 series blends - both what is current and

a view of what the future holds. Learn about the Next Generation of refrigerants, when, where

and what applications these products will be used. In closing a discussion of HFO

blends versus not-in-kind products, strengths and weaknesses will be discussed.

Sunday, March 15, 2015