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2015 HVAC Excellence Educators and Trainers Conference

10:15 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.

CEU Value 0.2

HVAC and the Cloud—The Sky Has No Limit

Tim Burke, Strategic Marketing Manager, White-Rodgers

Legacy South 2

Wi-Fi thermostats began a paradigm shift in the HVAC industry. Now manufacturers are

coupling Wi-Fi to the cloud in their equipment to create all new HVAC business models for

residential applications. Learn how smart systems are changing the way the industry installs

and services HVAC equipment. Attendees will learn the importance of teaching cloud based

technologies as a key to the success of new HVAC technicians entering our market.

VRF & Variable Refrigerant Temperature

Thomasena Philen, Education Partnership Administrator, Daikin AC

Legacy South 3

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) is the wave of the future. How can the industry improve on

this leading edge technology? Variable Refrigerant Temperature (VRT) combined with VRF.

This session will cover the basics of VRF & inverter technology and how it is typically applied

and then expand on how variable refrigerant temperature can improve on overall system

efficiency. VRT is a commercial cooling & heating application. Instructors teaching VRT

technology in the classroom will be building upon a solid foundation of the refrigeration cycle

and how it looks on a P&E chart as well as applying the concepts to system design.

The Ins and Outs of Humidity

Jamie Kitchen, Training Manager, Danfoss

Legacy South 1

This session will cover; the relationship between sensible/latent temperatures and the

conditions most challenging for humidity control, moisture and the conditioned space including

the effects of excess and very low moisture levels, how coil temperature and air flow affect

sensible and latent heat removal, regional considerations concerning humidity control including

ASRAE recommendations, system design priorities for effective control of humidity, how

manufacturers are approaching humidity control with considerations towards increased out-door

air requirements, the effects of variable air and refrigerant volume control and how these are

being used to match specific air treatment requirements. Attendees will gain both practical and

theoretical knowledge which can be incorporated directly into their training on basic,

intermediate and advanced psychometrics and air treatment, tools used for air measurement,

system design considerations, air measurement fundamentals and troubleshooting with an eye

towards proper moisture control.

The Right Tools for HVACR

Tony Gonzalez, Trainer, Fieldpiece Instruments

Forum East 4

Have you ever wished a manufacturer would ask you to help be a fundamental part of guiding

the future of HVACR test tool instrumentation? Well here is your chance as Fieldpiece will be

conducting a forum style session where attendees will be a fundamental part of guiding the

future of HVACR test tool instrumentation, to provide feedback about the current state of test

tools in major testing categories for HVACR students and professionals. This session will also

cover current test, testing methods and how to improve on them with updated

technology and procedures. Attendees are encouraged to share limitations

they face with current test tools and provide ideas on how to improve them.

Sunday, March 15, 2015