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ResidenƟal Heat Load Analyst
is one of the most detailed 
PowerPoint presentaƟons ever created. At nearly 500 
slides, complete with speaker's notes, this is an essenƟal 
component for anyone involved in training HVAC 
To request an educator’s review copy call 1-800-726-9696 or take a look
inside the books at
Electrical Theory and ApplicaƟon for HVACR
students and pracƟcing technicians with the informaƟon 
and knowledge necessary to accurately diagnose and solve 
electrical system faults.  
Heat Pumps: OperaƟon ‐ InstallaƟon ‐ Service
provides an understanding of heat pump theory, 
installaƟon procedures, service techniques, and  
troubleshooƟng methods.  
System Performance: Maximizing Energy Efficiency in HeaƟng and Cooling
idenƟfies and 
addresses four main areas of concentraƟon to maximize energy efficiency of residenƟal 
and light commercial HVAC systems, including: airflow, criƟcal charging procedures, 
psychrometrics and combusƟon analysis.  
Solar Hot Water Fundamentals
is a 
comprehensive guide that shows everything 
you need to know to become a professional 
solar designer and installer.   
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