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10:15 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.
CEU Value 0.2
Putting System Symptoms Into Perspective
Jamie Kitchen, Danfoss
Sonoma Room B
We have all heard that most warranty returns have nothing wrong with them. While this is
partly true, the reality is that the majority of returned components that have failed, have
generally failed for reasons that could have been identified during start-up, commissioning, or
preventative maintenance sessions. This session will highlight and walk through a system and
its components and highlight what to look for so that the replacement component will not fail
like the original did. Topics such as oil return, start components, interpreting how load and
ambient conditions affect superheat and sub-cooling values and how to set pressure-
temperature controls based on application envelopes etc. This module will make a good lesson
plan for teaching the methodology of eliminating possible causes of failure so that the service
technician can focus on the most likely causes while minimizing the chance of failure in the
Enhancing HVACR Installation with Infrared Thermography
John Waggoner, Flir Infrared Training Center
Sonoma Room C
This session will cover the basics of infrared camera operation, interpretation of infrared
thermal images, and how to accurately measure temperature with the infrared camera all within
the framework of HVAC systems. Attendees will be given a handout of the presentation
Going Ductless, Mini Split Installation
Gerry Spanger, Rectorseal
Napa Room A
This session will cover basic principles and best practices of condensate management for ducted
air conditioners. Attendees will leave with a good understanding of the current best practices
for the management of condensate systems in ducted split as well as ductless air conditioners.
Additionally, Mr. Spanger will cover: condensate traps, overflow piping systems & switches,
efficient drainage, condensate sweating, ICC/UMC codes, gravity condensate drainage, and
pumped drainage systems.
Combustion Analysis
Rich Bruno, Bacharach
Napa Room B
This presentation will cover the most important considerations for technicians when performing
a combustion efficiency analysis. Mr. Bruno will also cover the critical features, new
technologies, and capabilities of a combustion analyzer that should matter to any educator or
trainer in heating / combustion classes. This session utilizes lecture, field examples,
demonstrations, slides, handout materials, and encourages audience participation.
Wednesday April 2, 2014
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