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8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
CEU Value 0.2
Chiller Basic Troubleshooting
Phil Rodin, United Association
Napa Room B
This session will look at the basic sequence for troubleshooting air and water chillers. The
attendee will learn what to check and in what order for best time management. Items covered
will include: alarm signals, refrigerant operating temperatures and pressures, water flow, oil
temperature and pressure, electrical operating measurements, pump cavitation, transducers
and sensors, types of panels (York, Trane, Carrier, McQuay), and panel codes for Carrier 1111,
York 9675, Trane ++-++ or combination old types.
An Update on R-22 Retrofits
Stephen Spletzer, Arkema
Napa Room C
R-22 is being phased out under the Montreal Protocol. ln order to sustain the installed R-22
base and provide quality service, technicians must be able to navigate the many, and
sometimes conflicting refrigerant claims to find appropriate solutions. This session will promote
responsible retrofit selection by exploring the gamut of issues that should be addressed before
a retrofit can begin. Particular emphasis will be placed on best work practices and dispelling
some of the many refrigerant misconceptions that exist in our industry today. Attendees should
be able to make an informed selection when choosing an R-22 retrofit, as a result of this class.
Instructors should also be able to pass along this information to their students.
The Zen and Art of the Service Call
Jeff Taylor, HVACRedu.net
Napa Room D
You prepare your students for the challenges of the industry, however, when it comes to their
first service calls there are many things to consider and many things that can occur. Will they
be prepared and how will they handle the situations? This session will show you how to become
the Zen Master of teaching service calls to your students.
10:15 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.
CEU Value 0.2
Educator Credentialing and Green Mechanical Council Exams
Lem Palmer, HVAC Excellence
Sonoma Room A
To enable instructors to verify the depth of their knowledge and ability to relate subject matter
effectively, HVAC Excellence developed specialized educator credentialing exams. This session
provides attendees the opportunity to take the HVAC Excellence HVACR educator credentialing
exams free of charge leading to the Certified Master HVAC Educator (CMHE) credential.
Wednesday April 2, 2014
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