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6:15 p.m. - 7:15 p.m.
CEU Value 0.1
Total AC System Analysis
Tony Gonzales, Fieldpiece
Sonoma Room A
This session will provide an in-depth look at total system analysis for A/C systems. Critical tests
will include Superheat, Sub cooling, Delta-T, Airflow, procedures on how to look at all these
tests all at once to quickly diagnose a system and determine a solution. Attendees will learn
how to incorporate new technologies of HVAC testing in the classroom for the benefit of the
Accreditation, Assessments and Credentialing
Tom Tebbe, CMHE, HVAC Excellence
Sonoma Room B
Accreditation of HVAC programs nationwide has exploded. Technology in the HVACR industry is
rapidly changing. Many State and private school systems are looking for validation
(certification) of their programs and evidence that the instructors are keeping up with
technological advancements. This session will provide an in depth explanation of: The
Accreditation Process, The Program Standards, The Benefits of Accreditation, Student third
party Assessment requirements, and Instructor Credentialing. Samples of self-studies from
accredited programs submitted electronically and in hard copy will be available for inspection.
The presentation will be informal with pictures showing a typical accreditation visit.
Using Social Media to Increase Enrollment
Scott Naill and Tony Trapp, Upper Valley Career Center
Sonoma Room C
This session will explore the use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social
media outlets to help market and generate excitement about the HVAC/R industry.
This session is intended to provide participants ways to improve recruitment while
maintaining retention in the HVAC/R career field pathway. Topics Include: What is Facebook,
Twitter, LinkedIn, Schoology? Why do it? And the online resources available
Tuesday April 1, 2014
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