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4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
CEU Value 0.2
Proper Training Procedures to Meet ASTM 828 Standards
Dale Powell, Copper Development Association
Napa Room A
This session will provide attendees with information related to the changes in the SDWA that
effected the allowable lead (Pb) levels of copper and copper alloys for drinking water
applications and how those changes are effecting other copper intensive piping disciplines (i.e.
HVACR). Attendees will be provided with CDA's vast knowledge of the no-lead alloys and the
proper soldering/brazing techniques necessary to install long-term satisfactory joints in lead-
free alloys. Attendees will be provided with CDA's Copper Tube Handbook and a wealth of other
pertinent information (in electronic format) related to soldering and brazing of copper and no-
lead copper alloys.
The Zen and Art of the Service Call
Jeff Taylor, HVACRedu.net
Napa Room B
You prepare your students for the challenges of the industry, however, when it comes to their
first service calls there are many things to consider and many things that can occur. Will they
be prepared and how will they handle the situations? This session will show you how to become
the Zen Master of teaching service calls to your students.
Troubleshooting Web Based Controls
Ron Auvil, American Technical Publishers
Napa Room C
This session will provide an overview of basic troubleshooting of web-based control systems and
interfacing with IT personnel and equipment. Also covered will be examples of how these
troubleshooting scenarios can be incorporated into a typical controls class environment. Many
field-tested ideas and handouts for teaching will be shared in this valuable presentation.
Going Ductless, Mini Split Installation
Gerry Spanger, Rectorseal
Napa Room D
This session will cover basic principles and best practices of condensate management for ducted
air conditioners. Attendees will leave with a good understanding of the current best practices
for the management of condensate systems in ducted split as well as ductless air conditioners.
Additionally, Mr. Spanger will cover: condensate traps, overflow piping systems & switches,
efficient drainage, condensate sweating, ICC/UMC codes, gravity condensate drainage, and
pumped drainage systems.
Tuesday April 1, 2014
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