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2:45 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.
CEU Value 0.2
Pressure Enthalpy Simplified
Eugene Silberstein, CMHE, Suffolk County Community College
Napa Room D
This session will cover some easy to implement tips that will enable you to introduce pressure
enthalpy in a logical manner that will enhance learning of the basic refrigeration cycle. Starting
with the basic "refrigeration cycle square", we will slightly modify the diagram and then ease
into the pressure enthalpy chart and its components.
4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
CEU Value 0.2
The 4 Main Solar Thermal Design Issues for Training HVACR Professionals
Tom Lane, ECS Solar
Sonoma Room A
Solar thermal heating is one of the most efficient forms of solar heat collection technology.
Drawing from foundations in heating, construction, mechanical design, and fluid dynamics,
HVAC professionals are in a unique position to advance quickly in this field with the addition of
specialized product specific training in solar thermal technology. In this session Mr. Lane will
address operational steps needed to launch a solar thermal technology education program and
the support services available to integrate a solar thermal program into an existing HVAC
training program.
Unlock the Electrical Genius of Your Students
Ben Engleking, HVACR Institute
Sonoma Room B
Your students can achieve 100% accuracy in electrical shooting with less than 6 minutes per
service call. Head Master Engelking tells ALL in the breakout session that includes detailed
lesson plans, handouts, complete sets of electrical training diagrams, materials/ parts lists,
methodology and details for construction of your own training equipment (for the cash strapped
program). A simulated classroom environment will be used to fully demonstrate the power of
this training method.
Student Retention in a Tech Driven Culture
Soneka Kauhuza, Porter & Chester Institutes
Sonoma Room C
This session will help attendees understand how to develop a dynamic and robust retention
management plan. Utilize technology and an understanding of Gen Y characteristics to mitigate
attrition and develop the essential team communication skills for effective student oversight.
Tuesday April 1, 2014
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