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2:45 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.
CEU Value 0.2
Hydrocarbon Refrigerants a New Beginning
Joe Marchese, Refrigeration Service Engineers Society
Sonoma Room C
Hydrocarbons R290, R600a, and the blend R441A are EPA SNAP approved refrigerants with
specific limits. Their properties, use, restrictions and safety requirements must be included in all
refrigeration education programs. RSES has developed this training to assist the HVACR
instructors and technicians to better understand the necessity of safely maintaining and
servicing systems that utilize these flammable refrigerants.
Control Value Technology: Sizing - Selection - Specification
David Kandel, Belimo Control Valve
Napa Room A
This session will provide a detailed look at hydronic control valves, the various types of valves,
and when each one is applicable. Mr. Kandel will cover the typical ratings that are assigned to
valves and how to match these ratings to a typical engineering specification, the process and
potential pitfalls of valve sizing. Attendees will be provided with handouts covering valve sizing
(and other) formulas.
Commercial Local Calculations Made Easy
Don Prather, ACCA
Napa Room B
Computers and tablets are now tools used every day on the job by many HVAC technicians.
Show your students a practical computer application with a brief overview of Manual N
Commercial Load Calculations. Emphasis is placed on the Air Conditioning Contractors of
America's downloadable "speed sheet". Now the boring load calculation classes can have the
"pop" needed to keep today's computer literate HVAC students engaged. See how you can
easily take your class beyond merely a tedious filling out of long hand forms with pencils. You
can give them a taste of a real world application by showing them how to fill out ACCA's
working load calculation program. The case study in Sections 12 and 13 of Manual N is
translated to the spreadsheet for your use! You can then make entry changes such as elevation
or location/design temperature and illustrate how the load changes instantly because the
spreadsheet does the math automatically. ACCA's instructor friendly filled out spreadsheet is
available for the first time in 2014.
Troubleshooting Web Based Controls
Ron Auvil, American Technical Publishers
Napa Room C
This session will provide an overview of basic troubleshooting of web-based control systems and
interfacing with IT personnel and equipment. Also covered will be examples of how these
troubleshooting scenarios can be incorporated into a typical controls class environment. Many
field-tested ideas and handouts for teaching will be shared in this valuable presentation.
Tuesday April 1, 2014
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