2014 NHETC Program - page 33

The Winner of the 2014 COSA Leadership Award:
an environment of learning that promotes life safety
education and the prevention of illness from carbon monoxide
building and duct pressure testing lab into lab
performance procedures that demonstrate back-drafting
scenarios caused by common mechanical interactions;
CO safety instruction to new students in the
Automotive, Medical Assistant and other health programs offered
by the school;
instructor and student involvement in local furnace
safety check program for senior citizens for real work
carbon monoxide safety training for community public
service groups in lab groups;
participant, volunteer and meeting host for local Carbon
Monoxide Task Force;
provider for approved continuing education classes
under the jurisdiction of the local licensing jurisdiction, with
enhanced mechanical instructional program for licensed
technicians renewing annual licenses;
and practicing member of regional mechanical
contractors association
and scholastically recognized as an instructional &
testing facility.
COSA is Pleased to be Announcing the Winner of the
2014 Carbon Monoxide Safety Leadership Award at
the HVAC Excellence Educators and Trainers
Award Winner will be Announced Tuesday, April 1 at
the Lunch Session in Grand Ball Room B.
Adding Carbon Monoxide Training to Your Program Could
Save Lives
Contact COSA Director of Training, Bob Dwyer, CSME at 406-871-7620 or by
email at
www. cosa f e t y. org
There are many sources of carbon monoxide from automotive and transportation
influences to the mechanical systems in our homes and businesses. Throughout the
program topics of discussion will include, the health affects of CO poisoning,
warning signs and symptoms as well as CO Alarms and the effects of UL standards
upon vulnerable people. There is a strong focus towards CO monitors, detectors, test
instruments, testing protocols and procedures for technicians and inspectors. COSA
Carbon monoxide Safety training is a must for all HVAC/R technicians,
Weatherization auditors, home/building inspectors and fire department personnel.
COSA extends thanks to the international supporters
of this training effort:
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