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10:15 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.
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Get Caught Up with ECM Technology
Christopher Mohalley, Regal Beloit
Napa Room A
Keeping up with change can be difficult. Keeping up with changes in ECM (Electronically
Commutated Motor) technology doesn't have to be. This session will cover new products,
generation improvements and what's on the horizon. Chris Mohalley will provide hand outs,
service guide and training materials for use in your own training classes. If you're new to ECM
don't be shy about attending. Chris has plenty of great literature and videos for you to do some
self training.
Commercial and Light Commercial System Design for the VRF Market
Thomasena Philen, Daikin Manufacturing
Napa Room B
By now the HVAC industry is aware of and understands inverter driven HVAC systems and multi
-zone applications. Learn about the flexibility of Variable Refrigerant Flow system design and
application in commercial buildings. This class is part instruction, and part discovery as
participants receive information on how VRF works and then implement a building load
calculation using design software. Attendees will start with a building footprint and zoned load
calculation and create a system design, piping diagram, wiring diagram, and capacity charts
using the software provided. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring laptops to this
session and stop by the Daikin booth to pre-load the design software prior to class.
Solutions for Navigating Through the R-22 Transition
Timothy Snyder, DuPont
Napa Room C
The recent EPA rule on R-22 has heightened industry awareness of the R-22 phase-out and
corresponding retrofit refrigerants. Join Tim Snyder of DuPont as he provides an overview of
the new EPA final rule, discusses R-22 market dynamics, and covers the replacement refrigerant
options available today to support the industry through this transition. A view of contractor
preferences and refrigerant performance comparison / trade offs, by application, will be
discussed, along with the recommended retrofit procedures. Attendees will receive a pocket
retrofit guide with data comparison of R-22 replacement products.
Getting Started with Online Hybrid and Blended Courses
Carter Stanfield, Athens Technical College
Napa Room D
Putting together a class that uses online resources can be a daunting task. In this session, Mr.
Stanfield will provide a few examples of platforms and organization schemes to help instructors
get started using online resources to create blended or hybrid classes.
Tuesday April 1, 2014
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