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8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
CEU Value .02
Emerging Technologies Equals Evolving Technicians
Richard Benkowski, United Association
Sonoma Room C
With new technologies come new challenges. It is essential that the people training our current
and future workforce know what technological changes are on the horizon to keep their
programs current and relevant. This session will cover: combined heat and power (CHP)
systems, an efficient approach to generating electric power, and useful thermal energy from a
single fuel source. Additionally, the session will cover: ASHRAE Guideline 32, DOE Home
Challenge Program, the EPA Green Chill program, and emerging technologies being developed
to meet the needs of the programs.
Customer Relations - The Missing Link in Technical Education
Steve Coscia, Coscia Communications
Napa Room A
The future workforce will require skills beyond technical and diagnostic methods. Professional
development must also include soft skills such as a positive attitude, proper attire, tenacity, self-
control and listening, just to name a few. In this session, Steve Coscia will share his experiences
in teaching soft skills at more than twenty colleges nationwide. It's all here; the good, the bad
and the ugly. Attendees will learn best practices based on actual case studies and field
Breaking Through the Technology Barrier in Technical Education
Dr. Chris Molnar, Porter & Chester Institutes
Napa Room B
Learn how to modernize and standardize your curriculum by utilizing tablets, replacing paper
with electronic, and implementing instructional technology in a vocation program while
increasing student involvement, soft skills, and responsibility. The tablet has many more uses
than just an eBook reader or a game machine; this device can make a difference in your
classroom. During this presentation Dr. Molnar will explore a model that can be followed by
others. Upon completion of this session the attendee will have developed a game plan to bring
instructional technology into their HVAC programs and be able to anticipate and navigate some
of the obstacles to success.
Don’t Teach Until You See the Whites of Their Eyes
Dr. Michael Lanouette, Remington Colleges
Napa Room C
Even the best instructors can accidentally step on educational landmines every now and then.
When they do, their effectiveness is well...affected. Being an effective instructor means not only
doing the things you are supposed to do, but avoiding those things in the classroom you should
not be doing. One way to minimize this from happening is to specifically identify the DONT'S of
the classroom. "Don't Teach Until You See The Whites Of Their Eyes" is a presentation that
identifies, examines, and gives alternative practices to common DONT’S that unassuming and
even well meaning instructors tend to do in a typical classroom setting.
Tuesday April 1, 2014
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